York Theatre Royal

The York Theater Royal recently underwent a £6m refurbishment by London architects De Matos Ryan, and this was the first project for the Otis chair.

On and off, over the past 2 years I had been developing a chair, but it wasn't until Snowhome (who are always aware of what I'm working on) got in touch to tell me they were putting together a furniture proposal for the Theater Royal that my development really got serious and Otis was born. I finished the final prototypes just in time for it to be approved by the York Theater Royal and their Architect and 5 months later we delivered the first batch.

We also worked with Snowhome and the Theater to create some custom tables that feature laser etched quotes from some of Theaters most famous plays. The Otis chairs and custom tables are used within the bistro that is housed within the Grade II listed extension, that was built in 1967 by Patrick Gwynne.

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John Green